Power Your Vision

Power Your Vision reveals the internal and external journey one must take to heal from the past, rediscover their True identity, and embrace every uniqueness deposited within them – in order to fulfill their Purpose.

Rejected at childbirth, experiencing difficulty fitting within my own family, and going on to suffer cycles of rejection, I somehow would come close to opportunities but lose them at a crucial moment.
I knew I was made for so much more, but could not quite grasp it.
I was frustrated and angry.
And then I stopped trying.
I had lost my dreams and aspirations.

In a wilderness season, dejected, alone, and lonely, God took me through an inward journey – to remember the source of my pain. He began to heal me, bring me into acceptance of what had happened to me, and the resulting poor choices triggered by the negative life experiences.
Almost rhythmically, the light bulb within me went on. My gifts and abilities started coming alive.

I found myself in my mid-40s, at a point when my contemporaries had settled and would probably be planning for their sunset years.
The odds were against me. I was afraid.
But I dared.
My own journey made me believe that anyone can find themselves at any point in their lives – and then go ahead to fulfill their Purpose.
Then again, I wondered, how much more can one achieve if only they discovered this Truth earlier in life?

This book is about guiding everyone who is on a search for Identity and Purpose.
It’s about offering hope, showing the way, and speaking life to every gift and ability embedded within you.

So, what’s inside the Book?

Journey into the past and discover every hidden gem within you.

Discover and expose every negative experience and pattern of the past

A glimpse into the expected pitfalls and challenges of life and a guide on how to successfully navigate through them

A roadmap into the inner and outer journey that will bring you to the convergence of your Purpose.

This book includes reflective questions that guide you towards soul-searching and introspection so that in the end your hope is restored and the trajectory of your purpose discovered.


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About the Author

Judy Mzungu Jabali is a Kingdom Life Coach and Founder of The ReAlignment Solution, a Bible-based healing and self-discovery program that equips individuals towards Wholeness, finding their True Identity and Rediscovering their Purpose.

She is committed to equipping individuals to discover and express their full potential, enhance human connections, and as a result live wholesome, productive and impactful lives.

The ReAlignment Solution has been highly successful due to its Wholistic Approach; and continues to gain a footprint across the continents.

This book is an over-the-counter capsule of the much-needed Truth that every individual who desires to overcome negative cycles and become everything they were created to be will benefit from.


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